My name is Jenny and I have always had a love for jewelry and I would consider myself to be pretty creative.  I have worked in boutiques, which has allowed me to have the knowledge of what is on trend.  My maiden name is Wells and I have had a fascination with wishing wells since I was a little girl, so I wanted to make sure that was incorporated into my business name and logo.  "Jennifer/Jenny" means pure or fair.  So "Fairwells" was born!  Actually, established in 2013.

This little business means more to me than just selling jewelry and making money.  It is also to bring blessings and hope to others by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I do a lot of custom orders, some of which have great meaning to the customer.  I pray over those pieces as I am creating them and for the person who is purchasing them.  Some of the stories behind them have touched me so much and brought me to tears.  I have met people who I have felt compelled to gift them with something special and that has brought them to tears.  I have hugged total strangers and shared personal moments with them that I know makes them walk away feeling blessed.  Yes, I am selling jewelry, but I am also bringing people a little bit of comfort with a special bracelet stamped with a loved ones name, or a heart necklace for a mom who lost a child.  These pieces of jewelry are more than an adornment on their body.  It's a little bit of a reminder that there is hope and joy and peace out there.  Christ is our ultimate comforter, but sometimes a small, tangible item is helpful.  I am happy to help provide that for my customers.